The Storm of Roses
Wherever we turn in the storm of roses
The night is lit up by thorns, and the thunder
Of leaves, once so quit within the buses
Rumbling at hour heels.

Ingeborg Bachmann

Untitled LO.VE is an ongoing project that focuses on the representation of love through beauty, love consciousness and its deep understanding.

The flowers created by Di Marco are bodies captured in their delicacy and sensuality. They represent the dichotomy of life.

The black and white flowers visualise melancholy and purity in contrast to ones of colour that embodies eros through love and sensuality.

It is an ‘Untitled Love’ as Di Marco aims to spread love through the viewer’s perception of the flower manipulated by her hands, giving them an expression of love that must be named by them following the emotions that are produced in them.

This is perceived in the fluidity of the petals and flowers themselves that are turned into a beautiful silk, almost like a skin. Hence, portraying the flowers in this way and placing them in a design context, in a house or in any space, they can produce a sense of serenity and love.